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Saturday, November 1, 2008


no lights work. 2 nights ago half the apartment was out. last night and tonight all electricity is out except for half of one outlet in the kitchen. so weird. super needs to get on that, stat.

today was halloween. I met up with laura, made my rain cloud costume, then we went to the halloween parade. it was so crowded, at one point we were basically in a mosh pit and my costume broke. tape fixed it.

we then went to the west side to meet up with this party/parade put on by dangerlist. the whole party then went on the subway together to brooklyn. it was nutty. and so fun. then when we got to brooklyn, there were performances with fire.

then we all had to go on this pilgrimage. there were guides, and gongs, and drums, and we all had white candles, and we got to one point and there was on opera singer on the balcony. then we finally paraded the rest of the way to the party, which was still fun, but way over crowded.

it was a very very interesting, very fun night.

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